Engines Specifications

289" Challenger V8 
289" Challenger V8
Bore:    4.00" 
Stroke:    2.87" 
Horsepower:    195 HP
Torque:    282 ft-lb 
Compression Ratio:    9.0:1 
Carburation:    1 Ford 2-bbl 
Cam Type:    Hydraulic Lifters 
Fuel:   regular
Data Plate Code:   C
Block & Heads:   Black
Intake Manifold:   Black
Air Cleaner:   Red
Rocker Covers:   Red
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  Transmission Specifications

Cruise-O-Matic Dual Range Automatic
  1st Gear  2nd Gear 3rd Gear Reverse  
  2.40:1  1.47:1 1.00:1 2.00:1  
Dual Range refered to the 2 "Drive" postions on the shift. D1 (green dot) would start in 1st and shift to 2nd then 3rd.  D2 (white dot) would start in 2nd for more traction on ice and snow.
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  Rear Axle Specifications

Ford 9" Open & Limited Slip
     Ratio     number of
     ring gear teeth    
number of
     pinion teeth    
3.25:1 39 25
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