Galaxie 500/XL

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Galaxie 500/XL 2door Convertible
Galaxie 500/XL 2-door Hardtop  Galaxie 500/XL 4-door Hardtop
1964 Ford Galaxie 500/XL Sepcifications
Major Specifications
Wheelbase  - 119.0" Front Tread  -  61.0" Rear Tread  -  60.0"
Length Overall  -  209.8" Width Overall  -  80.0" Height Overall  -  55.5"
Leg Room -  41.5" Hip Room -  61.7" Shoulder Room  -  58.9"
Headroom (Convertible)  - 38.5"   Headroom (Hardtops)  -  37.7"
Luggage Capacity  -  17.1 cu.ft.   Trunk Volume w/Spare  -  30.0 cu. ft.
Curb Weight (with 289 V8 & 3-speed Cruise-O-Matic)
2-Dr Convertible  -  3940.0 lbs. 2-Dr Hardtop  - 3775.0 lbs. 4-Dr Hardtop  -  3875.0 lbs.
Standard Equipment
Challenger V8 195 hp Engine ♦ Dual Range Cruise-O-Matic with Console-Mounted "Sports Stick" ♦ Distinctive Ford Galaxie500/XL Trim and Ornamentation ♦ Thin Shell Front Bucket Seats, Foam Cushioned, Individually Adjustable ♦ Full Length Command Console Between Front Seats ♦ "Bucket Styled" Rear Seat, Foam Cushioned, Individually Contoured ♦ Door Insides Paneled with Brushed Aluminum ♦ Automatic Courtesy and Safety Lights on Both Lower Door Panels ♦ Color-Keyed, Wall-to-Wall Carpeting ♦ Full Chromed Instrument Panel Controls ♦ Special Deluxe Arm Rests and Ash Trays, Front and Rear ♦ Bright  Metal Seat Side Shields and Door Lock Buttons ♦ Bright Metal Accented Accelerator and Brake Pedals ♦ Full Wheel Covers with Simulated "Knock off" Spinners ♦ Self-Adjusting Brakes ♦ 6,000-Mile or 6-Month Oil Filter ♦ 36,000-Mile Fuel Filter ♦ 36,000-Mile or 2-Year Coolant-Antifreeze ♦ Fully Aluminized Muffler ♦ Galvanized Rocker Panels ♦ Center-Fill Fueling ♦ Bright-Metal Windshield, Roof and Rear Window Moldings (Hardtop) ♦ Parallel Action Electric Windshield Wipers ♦ Choice of 9 Upholsteries for Hardtops and 8 for Convertibles ♦ Step-On Parking Brake ♦ Dual Sun Visors and Coat Hooks ♦ Cigarette Lighter ♦ Illuminated Luggage Compartment ♦ White Vinyl Roof Lining (Hardtops) ♦ Color Keyed Lifeguard Steering Wheel with Chrome Horn Ring ♦ Safety Yoke Door Latches ♦ Crank Adjust Vent Windows ♦ Turn Signals ♦ Automatic Dome Light (Hardtop) ♦ Backup Lights ♦ Electric Clock ♦ Illuminated Front Ash Tray, Glove Box and Luggage Compartment ♦ Chrome-Backed Rearview Mirror (bonded to windshield) ♦ Front Seat Belts ♦ Fresh Air Heater-Defroster

Standard Equipment - Galaxie 500/XL Convertibles
in addition to above
Five ply Vinyl Top in White, Black or Blue ♦ Stretch-Vinyl Top Boot with Concealed Fasteners
♦ Solid Tempered Safety Glass Zip-Out Rear Window
Exterior Paint Colors and Codes
Solid Colors
Y  mouse over top text (Y), convertible shows with white top up, 2 door hardtop with white vinyl roof
Skylight  mouse over middle text (Skylight), convertible shows with blue top up (if available) or top down (if blue top not available)
Blue  mouse over bottom text (Blue), convertible shows with black top up, 2 door hardtop with black vinyl roof
Raven Pagoda Dynasty Guardsman Prairie Rangoon Silversmoke
Black Green Green Blue Tan Red Gray
Wimbledon Phoenician Navajo Vintage Skylight Chantilly
White Yellow Beige Burgundy Blue Beige
 AM  BM  DM  FM  FY  GM  JM      TM  XM  YM  ZT  
               KA  RA          ZA
Galaxie 500/XL Convertible 
Interior Seats & Trim Colors   Convertible Top
  Galaxie 500/XL 2 Dr Hardtop   Galaxie 500/XL 4 Dr Hardtop
Interior Trim Material & Convertible/Vinyl Top Colors
All Vinyl
80 White 81  Silver Blue 82  Blue 84  Beige 85  Red
All Vinyl Vinyl & Cloth
86  Black 87  Turquoise 89  Palomino 54  Beige
      Hardtop only
Convertible Top Vinyl Top
80  White 82  Blue 86  Black A  Black B  White
all body colors F K Y codes only all body colors 2 Door Hardtop only